Boutique Connexion Work Process

Discovery Phase:

Discovery Phase

To get started a project manager will be assigned to your project. This person will be your direct contact to communicate all your requests and feedbacks though all steps of the project. All work in progress will be published on your personal work page for you to review and approve.

This initial phase establish the creative guide lines, as well as the evaluation of your available content. Once the creative brief is completed as well as the full content evaluated we can move on to the visual design phase.

Design Phase:

Design Phase

We are providing unique web design services thereby enabling you to make a strong impression on your potential clients or customers.

From your private web page we will submit you Design that matches your criteria.

We will review the design with you as many times as needed.

Once a design style is selected and approved, we will move to the next step.

Production Phase:

Production Phase

This is the final and most important phase. The graphic design interface is combined with the content to produce a final completed product.

This phase includes a detail-oriented fine-tuning and quality assurance process designed to provide you with the level of perfection you require for your business.

Once the job is complete, we will publish your website online and visitors will be able to see and interact with your web pages.