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What is online advertising?

The term online advertising is simply a term that relates to advertising online, or advertising over the Internet. In practice online advertising is about getting your website in front of the people who are interested in your product or service and who are searching for specifics keywords.

When you pay to advertise online, your ad will apear on the top or on the right column of search engines (Google, Bing or Yahoo) depending on the money you are willing to spend per click. These campaigns are called Pay Per Click (PPC). For more details about the difference between paid and organic search, click here.

How can online advertising help my business?

Online advertising is so flexible that even small businesses can afford to look into advertising online. Where else can you track leads per advertising keyword? Where else can you track the cost per lead? Where else can you track the dollar cost per sale? Only online advertising allows you to select the keywords for your online advertising campaign and track the effectiveness of each and every keyword in terms of sales and revenues. This is the ultimate power of online advertising. You wonder why Google has become one of the most valuable company? Well it's directly related to keyword based online advertising.

Search online advertising brings keyword based search traffic to your door. Keyword based search brings exactly your targeted audience to your ad message.

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How can Boutique Connexion help you to build a successfull online advertising campaign?

Boutique Connexion is a professional pay per click advertising agency that specializes in delivering cost-effective results from PPC advertising and search engine marketing programs designed to attract potential buyers who have selected themselves as "in the market" for your product or services.

We manage PPC in the three major Search Engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Whether you want to target a particular segment of your audience or promote an upcoming product launch or special, our ad agency leverages proven techniques and tactics in pay per click advertising to ensure your message will reach consumers who are searching for what you have to offer.

  • Keyword Development & Expansion
  • Segmented Categorization
  • Optimal PPC Bid Management
  • Rules-Based Bidding Technology
  • Geographic PPC Ad Targeting
  • Ongoing Testing & Optimization
  • CPA/ROAS/ROI Reporting

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